Hey, I’m Cindy Ann Lowe Davis, creator of Sweet Memories, a photo-restoration service, also specializing in Memory Keeper photo books.

My logo means “hold on to those in your heart.”smalr-logo

Honor the remembrance of those loved people, pets and places you embrace. I can help you do that by repairing those treasured images you have sentimentally kept.

The passage of time is not a friend to your pictures. Any number of things can happen over the years: They can fade, change color, get folded, wrinkled or torn, get bug-eaten or spilled on. I haven’t seen an old photograph yet that doesn’t need at least some correction.


Click HERE to see how the image on the left got better. 🙂

negative-film-strip-diag_21028691Working with a film negative can often yield better results than from the print. Negatives can get damaged, too, but, usually, they live a more sheltered life by not being handled as much.

A negative may have more latitude…it’s like making a new print in the darkroom, only better, now that we have digital technology.

However, I advise you to continue to keep your old pictures. You need those as a tangible back-up system.

So, if you have your original negs, it’s good to work with those instead of the prints. But, if prints are what you have, then that’s fine, too. I’ve been able to make some considerable improvement from some pretty bad prints!

Mama, Daddy, my big sister, and me in Plant City, FL, where I spent my childhood.

Your pictures are the main documentation you have of past generations and it’s understandable that it would be difficult for you to part with them even temporarily. I know how precious they are to you because I know how I value my own pictures. I’m extra careful handling them.

Besides, for those who live locally, I’m right here in Apopka! They don’t even have to leave town!

One of my clients said he was so happy to find a local photo restorer. He didn’t want to send his treasured images to some big, impersonal lab in New York.

Please refer to my suggested


on how to get your pictures to me.

I love this picture of my sister and me. 🙂

My GALLERY is my resume. So, go ahead and take a look. (Also, see links below.)
I’m very proud of what I can do to refresh your photos, breathing new life into those Sweet Memories of yours. I can improve images from prints, 35 mm negatives and color transparencies, and 120 film.

*    And don’t forget:

Whether your images are newly restored or right out of your digital photographic device, my

MEMORY KEEPER photo books

–embracing your Sweet Memories–  make lovely keepsakes that will be treasured for generations to come!

I love it!

CONTACT me and let’s talk about how I can rejuvenate your worn-out pictures—and/or co-create, with you, unique photo books your family will cherish.

My clients have always given me a thumbs up.
They’re always so amazed at the “before-and-afters.”

 That makes me feel good.


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The following is a sample of a Memory Keeper photo book…


an 8×8 hard-cover Memory Keeper book

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The possibilities are endless!

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