Before-and-After Comparisons

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Toni Craig's mom restoration b4

paulette williams restoration b4

Jane Hathaway wedding couple in door restoration b4

Jane Hathaway sisters restoration b4

Jane Hathaway parents on couch restoration

twin-boys-b4-aftr sunday-sch-picnic-train wild-colors-dogs-b4-aftr we-4-on-boat-b4-aftr u-davis-combo-o-3pix sunday-sch-picnic-train-b4-aftr pat-pony-girl-b4-aftr-gallery pat-gma-43 pat-boy-on-couch-21 parade-car-b4-aftr orange-fam-in-front-of-house-jpg neighbor-children-go-home-jpg2-b4-aftr museum-springs-b4-aftr mark-military-b4 lady joyce-b4-aftr-gallery hula-hoop-b4-aftr dad-dau-fishn-b4-aftr children-in-jerusalem-b4-aftr cheerleaders cent-main-st car-b4-aftr bw-young-prescotts-10-jpg


The following is a sample of a Memory Keeper photo book…

“from Whiskers and Nose to Tail and Toes,”

an 8×8 hard-cover Memory Keeper photo book

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