Memory Keeper photo books



In the past, in order to enjoy photographs, a family would gather in the living room, as dad dragged out the projector and screen to give a slide show—

and, one by one, he would slip in a slide for viewing.

Later, of course, came the carousel projector…but it was still an ordeal.

Or, we used to rummage through boxes of photos, or take a photo album from a closet shelf, wondering if all the pictures were still in it.




For your convenience, not only do I RESTORE your precious pictures, but I give you the opportunity of having them reproduced in good-looking MEMORY KEEPER photo books.

The beauty and quality of these books, showcasing your family, travels and special occasions, are mementos you can proudly show to others or readily pick up for some reminiscing.


MEMORY KEEPER photo books are far superior to our old photo albums: Your pictures are actually printed on the page like a magazine or any book you might pick up at Barnes & Noble! I can add text, providing captions that you write, or simply the names and dates, supplied by you, that identify each photo.


What to Consider When Thinking of a Memory Keeper photo book:

Whether they are RESTORED images from old analog pictures or new digital pictures straight off your camera or phone, photographs need to be ENHANCED to their best potential, and kept and looked at frequently. The best way to do that is having them printed into a MEMORY KEEPER photo book!

Create a family heirloom of generational pictures, tell an illustrative story of your vacation or travels, share your passions, flaunt your best photographic or artistic work in a portfolio!

Commemorate weddings, family reunions, milestone birthdays or any special occasion where people make photographs!

Gather time-honored recipes handed down through generations and make a gift of a family cookbook to a new bride!

Collect photos of your friends or photos by your friends for a commemorative edition.

Use your imagination…


Choosing Your Style of Book:

You may prefer hard-cover, soft-cover, lay-flat style binding, full-cover photo covers or window, large coffee-table style or small enough to tuck into your pocket or purse. Please see sizes and cost on my PRICING page.


The following is a sample of a Memory Keeper photo book…


“My Summer of Horses,”

an 8×8 hard-cover Memory Keeper photo book


Click any image to get an enlarged view.


Custom Book Covers

The cover may consist of one individual photo with title/text. Or, you have the option of an artistically created cover made of several images.

In any case, I will work together with you on the design. It’s your book! And I want to please you.


The following are samples of front or back covers I’ve created…



The possibilities are endless!


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