Experience and aptitude are definite requirements for restoring and enhancing digital images. One must not only be well acquainted with photo manipulation software, but have the personality suitable for being meticulous in his/her work.


It’s difficult to give an exact price for restoration, because every image is different.

Each project is totally dependent upon the condition of the original picture.


An estimate can be given, but, depending on the work involved, it may be more—or, in some cases, it could be less than the given estimate!

Light Restoration

$7.99 for each enhancement—OR—multiple photo improvements @ 4 photos/ $19.99
Photos that need light restoration might include any of the following corrections:
  • Remove or create white border
  • Remove “red eye”
  • Crop out unnecessary foreground/ crop to create better composition
  • Correct color
  • Adjust overall contrast/brightness/saturation
  • Sharpen photo as a whole
  • Straighten crooked photo, vertically or horizontally

Medium Restoration

This is a higher level of correction, which would include the basic manipulations listed above, plus additional edits, such as:
  • Cover a few small spots
  • Repair stains, torn edges
  • Restore data on one short dog-ear fold
  • Sharpen selected subject (If the whole photo is out of focus, sharpening the subject, i.e. person, while leaving the background out of focus, brings more definition to the subject.)
  • Address selected areas for more intense work

Heavy Restoration

$29.99 and up
This level of restoration is for severely damaged photos, which would include the basic/medium fixes, combined with these more demanding and complex manipulations:
  • Restore long or multiple folds/cracks/creases
  • Cover multitudinous spots—especially needed for enlarging
  • Correct color bleeding (stray colored pixels)—especially needed for enlarging
  • Create missing parts, including taking portions from other photos to incorporate into the photo
  • Searching for appropriate image/s online, if no supplemental images are provided by the client


To get an idea

of what your intended restorations might cost, you may compare the condition of yours with the following restorations:



This would be an example of a medium restoration: remove border, correct overall color, repair stains, restore data in the short dog-ear fold and cover the most obvious spots. This might cost about $12.50.


This train photo may look as though it needed only more contrast: Truly, the original is badly faded and discolored. It also has spots and marks all over the image and the right edge is torn. Yes, it needed more contrast, but I had to treat certain areas apart from the whole because some were worse than others. The restoration of a comparable image might cost about $25.


This picture was taken in poor lighting conditions, resulting in difficulty in being able to recognize the people. Areas needed to be isolated, the contrast brought up, and saturation and “noise” reduced, because the increased contrast gave it new distortions to fix! A similar restoration might be about $25.


The photo of these boys had a crack from a fold right down one twin’s face. It had torn edges, scratches and spots, and the corner was dog-eared. A photo with similar problems could cost about $25 to restore.


This historic postcard photo was dull and had many age spots, but the main damage was the torn edge. The image had to be greatly enlarged to replace data, particularly around the lettering in the bottom corner. A photo whose damage is similar could cost about $35 to restore.


This had been folded down the middle causing a crack right through the girl’s head. Enlarging the image in order to be very detailed, I had to use tools with very small points to restore the data along the crack. A similar job could cost about $35.


Removing unwanted people or things is a tedious job. After cutting out the undesirable data, I had to replace the background using the restricted data in the picture. To replace the grass, some blades were cut out individually to place in the new spots. The girl’s dress had shadow, which needed to look like it had sun on it. Her leg, sock and shoe had to be replaced. A similar manipulation could cost about $75.


This photo had been in a fire, which had eaten away at the baby’s feet. I had to find an image of a similar shoe, and use parts of the other foot to repair the missing part. The background was poor, so I cut out the figure and put her on a new background made up of two different images, which also needed to be modified, in order to look natural. This was a time-consuming restoration, because I had to search for appropriate fill-in images, remove the brown streak and replace the background. A restoration of this scope could cost in the range of $165.

Payment schedule: 

Before I begin work on your restoration/s, a down payment is needed—approximately half of the estimate. The balance is due at the time you pick up your original pictures and CD/DVD of your newly restored images. Thank you.

Note: If you email scanned images to me, as prescribed on the ORDER page, after your restorations are complete, I will email a low-resolution file to you for your approval, then, after full payment, I will email your restorations in high resolution.

At the time the restorations are complete, we would then discuss the design of your photo book. Prints for sharing and framing are your responsibility.

Many of you own Photoshop or comparable programs, but how many of you have the skill, patience and time to use for scanning and restoring your beloved photos conscientiously?


Let me help you!

Allow me the privilege of preserving your personal history in a user-friendly form through the SCANNING and RESTORATION of your pictures, and the building of MEMORY KEEPER photo books to create a legacy for future generations.

See my



Memory Keeper photo book


Together, we will blend our thoughts and ideas to make an original keepsake that you will treasure for years to come!

Each page may be styled to present your best photo or illustration as the principal image, supported by smaller pictures.

Or, some stories are best told through a sequence of same-sized images.

Certain very special photographs or drawings deserve an entire page of their own.

Yes, you may incorporate drawings, illustrations, and “e-artwork” into your Memory Keeper books!

The first 20 pages, front and back, are included in the basic price—that’s 40 different layouts filled with your Sweet Memories!

Unlike some others, I do not charge extra for caption text of 10 lines per page layout or less, which can be either in one place or divided among several photos. Over 10 lines is $3 per line.

Photo Book Prices include my unique layout design.

A single-image cover with 10 or less words of text is included in the prices listed below.

A cover using two or three images is an additional $35. Each additional image is an extra $10.

Each additional page over the initial 20 is $14.99.

8.5 x 11 hard-cover book with a window photo cover—from $224.99.

8 x 8 hard-cover book with a full-photo cover—from $227.99.

12 x 12 hard-cover book in leather or full-photo cover—from $249.99.

11 x 14 hard-cover lay-flat book with a full-photo cover—from $259.99.

These prices do not include taxes and shipping.

After completing the pages and upon your approval, I will make the book/s.

Payment is due at the time you approve the book pages. Thank you.

You are allowed to change your mind about a MINOR aspect of the book only two times.

Note: If you email scanned images to me, as prescribed on the ORDER page, after your restorations and book pages are complete, I will email a low-resolution file to you for your approval, then, after full payment, I will order your book/s in high resolution.

Your Memory Keeper photo book/s will be shipped to your door.

The following is a sample of a Memory Keeper photo book…

A Bride’s Book

an 8×8 hard-cover Memory Keeper photo book

Click any image to get an enlarged view.


The possibilities are endless!


I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Let’s Get STARTED!