Topping It Off



The original slide (above left), about 60 years

old, is faded, badly discolored with an overall orange cast, and has “sunflower-like bursts” and many, many black specks and marks across the photo.

My first step was to regain as much natural color as possible with the scanner software before it was scanned. As you can see (lower right),1957ish007aftr-scanner-improvemnt that helped a lot, but it still needed major work, especially on the little girl’s left arm and dress.

Her arm was completely covered with a very large “burst,” so I had to copy her right arm to the elbow and flip it horizontally to replace the left arm. I didn’t want it to look like that was what I had done, so I thought putting her hand behind her skirt was a good idea: When I got pretty much rid of the burst on the skirt, it looked flat instead of gathered. So, I copied a fold of the full skirt, flipped it horizontally to look a little different, then to change it even more, distorted the shape of it. It worked! It looked natural. Then I hid her hand behind her skirt.

Covering over the other “sunflowers” wasn’t much trouble because I wasn’t concerned about detail—so I could simply clone the rocks and dark background.

I adjusted the color some more in certain areas, and the saturation and contrast.

Lastly, I needed to cover the largest and most obvious black marks, paying special attention to the faces and clothes—enlarging the image to work with very small tools, and covering the other “sunflowers” and making color/contrast adjustments.

It looked pretty good, especially considering its original state!u-david-head-cut-off-frm-nothing003-1-hr-for-dress-arm-1-hr-spot-jpg-copy But, it’s too bad that the man’s head is partially cut off (left)!

I had other pictures that were taken at the same time of the same group of people and exact same position and location. I took a head top from one and additional background from another.

One can’t just slap ‘em together. It takes precision in adjusting the sizing, coloration, contrast, darkness, etc.

u-david-head-cut-off-end-result-1957ish-007-combo-o-3pixWhen I finally got everything to match and blended together where the edges met, and cropped, I now have a pretty good-looking image (right)!!

A restoration of this extent, using multiple photos to create one image, could be $75.

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