Unfolding a Better Photo!


The pronounced fold in this photo of a little

girl playing with a hula hoop might cause this picture to be classified as severely damaged, but only where the fold is. The rest of the picture was fairly good, though I always check it over, enlarged, and take care of those pesky spots that detract so much.

I was thankful that the crease didn’t obliterate her facial features. This was a very small print, about 2 ½ x 3 ½ inches. The details were not clear, which, in a way, was a blessing: The fold went right up through the ear area of her head, but the ear had no real definition, being in shadow. I enlarged the photo and used tools with very small points.

it looks great for what there was to work with.

Amazing results can come from restoration. But, it can’t work miracles. Only so much can be accomplished. Don’t expect perfection.

A similarly damaged photo might be in the range of $15 to restore.


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Don’t let your children inherit icky photos!